Cadwill Corporation was established in the year 1999 as a local start-up for manufacturing & assembly of Power Electronics products. Through the years, we expanded our offerings in the field of Power Solutions and Electrical Engineering.

Today, with more than two decades in the industry, we continuously strive to achieve a world class quality standard in every engineering practices using our technologically driven approach. This is to ensure that we provide on premium and state of the art products and services to our valuable customers.

Being the pioneer of modern Power Distribution System in the Philippines, we are strictly governed by a policy of high ethical standard, business reputation, and of long-term commitment to our customer through our excellent after sales support.


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Our engineers cater safe and reliable power solutions for telecom providers over the years. Our backup power supply system can guarantee real-time monitoring and adaptation of multiple feeder lines and run the power management program automatically.

TV & Radio Networks own a large number of advanced satellite dishes and other sophisticated equipment. At Cadwill, we adapt our engineering practices to ensure strict compliance with regards to noise frequency, static electricity, and electromagnetic interference.

Our hydropower systems experts solves the toughest technical and engineering problems, by enabling technology integration and shaping the energy transition. With our cross-company resources, we are able to serve a diverse client base with a strong local presence.

Hybrid power solution for renewable farms ensures high efficiency of green energy exploration and process, usually it is always used for continuous and prime power, with our products focusing on quality, safety, and stewardship for the environment.

Cadwill has entered rapidly in the field of Petrochemical industry. With a high degree of digitalization, integrated power structure provides a reliable, safe, and efficient power supply with software and hardware products, systems, and solutions across all voltage levels.

We provide a comprehensive power management program for data centers and have already maintained several IT network in Luzon and VisMin area. With our reliable products and innovative service approach, our company have won the acclamations from multinational companies.

We fully optimize electricity load demand for power substations, to integrate low-noise vibration layout of equipment, automate procedures, and human-computer interface design. Thus, keeping the power supply stable and create greater value for our customers.

High-rise infrastructures have a more demanding power utility management. We serve them with controlled voltage system which are used for lightings, elevators, air conditioning and ventilation equipment that allows absolutely no interruption while ensuring the safe use of electricity.




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Our mission is to provide state of the art products, world-class engineering services and impart a distinctive value to our customers.

We aim to be the Philippines' leading power solutions company.

We believe in valuing professionalism, integrity, safety, and efficiency in every work flow process that surpass our client expectations.


"More than 20 years of empowering the nation"



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