Cummins diesel engines are crafted to be able to start and assume load in less than 10 seconds, and rated load in a single step. Cummins gensets are the epitome of rugged dependability and reliable mechanical and electrical performance. Standby power ranged from 33 kVA to 1875 kVA.

Cummins gensets are well-suited to utility peaking plants, distributed generation (DG) facilities, peak shaving (or peak lopping), and power management at large commercial or industrial sites. Cummins has fully redesigned its high-range gensets to deliver the reliability, efficiency, and versatility to the users.

FG Wilson diesel generators product range provide you with your power requirements. From 6.8 kVA to 2500 kVA standby power.

Designed with industrial users in mind, its range can cover an array of applications and offer a continuous, reliable and safe power supply whether it be for a backup power or prime power application.

Key options further enhance the standard product offering providing versatility and flexibility throughout the range.

Also Available


Mobile Generator

Portable Generator

Resistive Loadbank

Designed for harsh weather and strict acoustical outdoor standards, utilizing a 20" or 40" high cube container.

Designed for road transport damping performance, good ventilation, and a variety of harsh construction environment.

Portable Generator are a handy and reliable way to run your equipment and keep the job going during power outage.

Load Bank replicates and verifies the operation of generators, power supplies, and battery systems.